Nikon D750 review by Cris Lowis

One of our long-standing members, Cris Lowis, has recently changed his equipment from a Nikon D3s to the newly-released Nikon D750.

Cris is primarily a wedding photographer and was looking to move to new equipment which would tick the boxes for the functionality he needed, such as weight of the equipment, durability, high ISO and auto focus speed in low light, to name a few. He has also looked at using a few other models such as the Nikon D810 and the Fuji Pro cameras.  Cris found that the new body met all of his requirements for his busy wedding photography business, and he has since ordered a 2nd D750.


In his review, Cris gives a no-nonsense account of his experience shooting with these bodies, for anyone who is interested in moving from a Nikon D3s to a Nikon D750 then this is a very informative article.

Cris has outlined some of the concerns that he had when ordering the camera, and how he has dealt with those.  Although the new camera is smaller and lighter, Cris was very happy with the performance.  He is also considering a battery grip for use with the longer and heavier 70-200 F2.8 lens.

Below are a few images captured by Cris using the new body and prime lenses.  All images are copyright Cris Lowis Photography

d750-black-and-white nikon-d750-iso  d750-autumn d750-imagesd750-flash

If you would like to read the full article then please click here.

About Cris Lowis:

Cris has been a member of IPPN for many years, and we have watched his photography business grow and succeed.  Cris regularly contributes to our forum and monthly competitions and is a valued member.



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