To apply for membership you must be in business but can be either full time or part time – we do not believe that just because someone isn’t full time it necessarily means they operate their business to any less a standard than a person whose sole income is from photography.

Applications for membership, once submitted, are considered by a board of other members with a proven track record of excellence. Acceptance isn’t guaranteed. We place as much emphasis on business as we do on photographic ability, meaning that all approved members are following the same high standards regardless of how long they have been in business or of their position in the marketplace.

Applying and being accepted for membership indicates that you fulfil all necessary legal requirements for your particular country with regard to business and tax registration as well as insurance. Members are expected to promote best practice at all times in their dealings with clients, suppliers and other members. All members operate their business to the highest standards and all are focused on providing the highest possible levels of customer satisfaction and are fully insured to protect their clients.

The IPPN Forum is strictly private – members are not permitted to copy information from the forum posts for sharing elsewhere, or to discuss private discussions which have taken place on the forum.  Any images, documents, guides, actions or any other content is not to be copied from the forum.

Should you wish to become a member, fill out the contact form …. or simply contact us by email at

Please note that membership costs £30.00 per year.