IPPN Featured Member – Jodie Drake

Jodie Drake from Jodie Leigh Photography is a long-standing member of IPPN and often contributes to our forum with posts of her beautiful photography as well as offering advice to our members.

Thank you for taking some time out to chat Jodie!me

How did you start out in newborn photography, and why did you choose this area of photography to focus on?

I first started out in newborn photography in 2011, and it was by pure chance. I started dabbling in photography and capturing my own two children, and I then stumbled upon newborn photography online, I fell in love with some of the images I had seen and this is where my passion grew. I knew from then I wanted to give it a try and from my very first nerve racking session I was hooked.

Please describe your style of photography, and how you have developed this.

I would say my style of photography is very natural and pure. I have tried many different things since starting photography and yet I always come back to my natural colours and textures.

Have you done any training courses, and do you feel training is important or can you learn from books and training videos?

I haven’t done any hands on training no, When I very first started training in the newborn field wasn’t very heard of unfortunately as I would of loved to go for posing training, this would of indeed cut down the length of time it took me to learn everything I know so far. However I did study videos, tutorials and anything newborn related online. I now offer posing and safety training myself too.


Do you work from home or a separate studio, and what would you change about your current setup?

I currently work from my home studio. While I love having everything on hand, and not having to commute to work, there is also no getting away from work, so its very hard to get downtime and days off. I am hoping to eventually have studio space of my own, but I am quite happy how I am at the minute.


Newborn photography is very competitive – do you have any suggestions for those starting out?

My main suggestions for anyone starting out and wanting to specialise in newborn photography would be research and of course training. Not only newborn posing but safety during newborn sessions. The safety of every single baby is paramount, so I urge anyone interested in newborn photography to do your research and train with someone whose style of photography you love.

Who has inspired you the most on your journey?

I have been heavily inspired by newborn photographers in the US…I follow so many and am constantly inspired by their beautiful imagery!


Do you have a favourite travel destination, either visited or hope to visit?

I haven’t really had time to travel, having young kiddies and the starting my business I haven’t been far, But I am hoping to take my children to America one day, maybe even to Disney World Florida!

What do you do to relax at the end of a long week?

It’s very hard to find time to relax, with shooting during the day and then editing on an evening it can be tricky, But I make sure I take every Friday night off away from the computer and work, I usually grab a bottle of wine and relax with friends, its always very welcomed!


You are a long-standing IPPN Member – how has IPPN helped you in your photography business?

I absolutely love being part of the IPPN, I feel I have taken a lot from it. Everyone is so helpful and there is always someone around when needed. The business support is second to none, and I know no matter how silly a question may be someone will be able to help me out.

Thank you Jodie – your work is beautiful and we are delighted that you have taken some time to be interviewed.

Jodie’s contact details
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/grimsbyphotographer
Website – http://www.jodieleighphotography.co.uk
Phone – 07964587310
Email – info@jodieleighphotography.co.uk