IPPN Featured Member – John Mottershaw

John Mottershaw interview by Simon Revill:

I’ve known John for nearly 30 years and he has always had a passion for photography – but I always remember him saying that he never wanted to do wedding photography.

How the tables turn as he is now one of the foremost wedding photography specialists in Sheffield covering weddings in Derbyshire – being one of a few who concentrate solely on providing great wedding coverage.

In His Own Wordsjohn-mottershaw

“My great grandfather started in photography in 1870, later establishing the Sheffield Photo Company. He was keen on early film as well as still photography. Various other members of the family were also involved in photography.

My grandfather followed him into the business as did my father. It grew into a business which covered commercial photography, audio-visual, photo-processing as well as retail. Unfortunately it all went belly up in 1983. However, I had always vowed that I was going to do something else.

But.. when something’s in your blood!


I set up on my own in 1989, working from home in the middle of another recession. I intended to do commercial photography and ended up doing a bit of everything: commercial, travel, weddings, graphic design. I was never keen on weddings – tripod/rollfilm/boring wedding photography that I only did because I had to.
The best bit about doing weddings was always the journey home!


Then came my first digital camera (Fuji S2 DSLR) and everything changed. I realised that I was spreading myself too thinly and not really succeeding at anything. Weddings became great fun and with that came a huge burst of confidence and since then I have stopped doing everything else. The tripod is now gathering dust and the whole thing is totally different. I just do weddings. It’s brilliant! Concentrating on one thing means that you can do it to a much higher standard and now I earn a reasonable living doing just weddings and I’m far better off in every way than I ever was.
Twenty years after starting out and I’m still learning!”

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To see more of John’s work visit his website www.johnmottershaw.com or you can get in touch by emailing john@johnmottershaw.com

John Mottershaw is a reportage wedding photographer in Sheffield and he has an informal and relaxed style of wedding photography.  His images are timeless and classic, and will provide a record of your day.