IPPN, the International Professional Photographers’ Network, is a relatively small group of photographers from various different countries (mainly UK) who have come together for comraderie and to share experience, knowledge and expertise.

When there are so many organisations for photographers around, why choose IPPN ?

Firstly, photographers don’t just pay a joining fee and immediately start using the IPPN logo to promote their businesses.  All of our members are photographers who we all have mutual confidence in, photographers who fellow members feel able to confidently recommend to potential clients. When prospective members apply, their applications are carefully considered by the IPPN team, based on the applicant’s body of work and business approach. No monies are accepted until membership is approved, meaning that prospective clients can be confident in the high standard of work and business practice of an IPPN photographer.

IPPN is strongly of the opinion that working part time doesn’t automatically make a photographer less “professional” than a full time photographer. We see it as just a different business model and one that can be just as focused on quality and customer care as any full time business model. This is why we allow both full and part time businesses to join, the overriding factor being quality and the desire to learn.

The members-only forum is a closed forum and forms a large part of IPPN, enabling frank discussion and feedback on business issues and members’ work, helping everyone succeed.

Monthly award competitions  is a great feature. The feedback offered will help you understand how images are scored and is a real help to even the most seasoned of professionals.

It’s always good to know that if ever an IPPN member is unable to honour a work commitment through illness, a stand-in photographer from within IPPN can very often be found.  In fact many of the wedding members work together quite regularly anyway.

Membership is deliberately kept small. IPPN isn’t just another faceless group where members know little or nothing about each other. Members are encouraged to interact and get to know each other, meaning that the help offered is tailored to members’ individual needs. In fact, every three months or so, as many of us as possible get together, have a meal and have a really good evening together.

The cost of membership is surprisingly low, so why not get in touch? We’d love to hear from you.

Should you wish to become a member, fill out the contact form …. or simply contact us by email at info@ippn.co.uk.

Please note that membership costs £30.00 per year.